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2016-03-24 16:22:31
Build Futures - Helping the Homeless in Huntington

Build Futures

Kathy Build Futures

The Story of the Woman Behind it All

Founded in 2009 by Kathy Tillotson, Build Futures began as a mission to help young homeless adults, ages 18-24 with an intent to get them off the streets. Kathy noticed a discrepancy between the number of homeless youth and the available housing options, and she quickly realized she wanted to make a difference. She knew it couldn't be done alone, but her strong background in business served as a great foundation as she moved forward in her endeavors.

Her compassion for the homeless coupled with her newfound ambition was put into action as she set out to change the odds for homeless youth. She built a step-by-step program of intervention that is unique to each individual, which includes the support and care of a one-on-one mentor. 

What's even more special is that Build Futures is made up of only volunteers. Each person works incredibly hard to make a real change in the lives of many young people who are struggling, all with the same goal to end youth homelessness.

'Nothing good happens on the street. These kids have no home or sense of hope and I wanted to create an organization that would provide both. I could not ignore the plight of these kids. With my business background and a strong conviction to help, I felt that I needed to do something to make a difference in their lives. Starting a nonprofit in an economic recession is considerably risky, however, with God on my side and belief that this was what I was supposed to do, I began housing these kids.

With no initial staffing or funding, I started the non-profit Build Futures, aimed to get these kids off the street, safe and with people who care for them so they can learn real tools to not only survive, but thrive.'

- Kathy, Build Futures Founder

These kids are amazing and have so much wonderful potential. They only need that first hand up and a little help. We still lack staff and financial support from the county, state, federal and city.  This needs to change. We need funding for staff to work with increased number of kids and costs for housing, bus passes and basic needs.

When we heard about Build Futures and the incredible difference they're making in the local area of Orange County, we knew we wanted to be part of it and help. We began volunteering at Build Futures recently and have had an amazing experience. If you too want to get involved, we encourage you to reach out to Kathy. 

Are you interested in getting involved? Contact Kathy@BuildFutures.org today to see how you can help.

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