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2017-04-19 09:58:05
Making Travel Escapades an Everyday Lifestyle

Adventure Actually ~ Interview with Rob and Jill

As many of you know, I’m a nature lover at my core. When I’m not at the office, you can find me biking at the beach or traveling to other parts of the country to enjoy the beauty of mother nature. One of my biggest dreams is to drive off into the sunset in my remodeled Micro Mini Trailer and travel around the world for a year...or forever. :)

Recently while I was perusing Instagram, I stumbled upon an amazing account called Adventure Actually, lighting up my feed with brilliant nature photos and a cute couple who  appeared to be thoroughly enjoying their adventures. 

I contacted the cool So Cal duo, Rob and Jill, and I’m excited to share that they’re joining us today on the blog! Read on to learn about how their adventures got started and how they’re able to continue living out their dreams of traveling around the country...

Q and A with Rob and Jill, Self Proclaimed Adventure Seekers


1. How did Adventure Actually get started?

'Adventure actually started with Rob just taking pictures of nature. Recently, we changed the page so that we could make it into more of a community of people that love nature and adventure (since I was on all the trips anyways). We've both always had a passion for the outdoors and nature and were constantly planning and advising trips for our friends. Our friends would ask us where we got our pictures, so it started from there. Now we can share some of our favorite spots with not only our friends, but a community of fellow adventurers.'

2. What is the 'mission' of Adventure Actually?

'To bring out the adventurer in everyone and cultivate a community of explorers.'

Photo Credit: Adventure Actually, Yosemite National Park


3. What's your FAVORITE place you've visited of all times? (Is it possible to pick?)

'We LOVE Yosemite. It puts every other park to shame, really. I'm from Colorado, so we love it there too, but Yosemite is unlike any other place. The shear size of everything is incredible and we've found some (slightly) uncharted territory that is impossible to capture with a photo. Yosemite Awes us every time.'

4. What do you do when you're not adventuring? I'm sure something really boring, right? Totally kidding...but how are you able to adventure all the time?

'Actually, yes. Kind of boring. We both work normal 9-5 jobs. I'm a marketing consultant and Rob is an accountant (So literally the most boring thing ever). That's kind of the purpose of our page as well, to prove to people that you can have a normal job and still find adventure on the weekends. It helps that we live in such a central place, but we usually drive somewhere Friday after work and come back Sunday. We make time for it, because it excites us. Rob and I are big on NOT wasting our free time and getting off our butts and doing something memorable.'

5. When did your love of adventuring turn into an Instagram account?

'Rob started the account (as Rob_actually) about a year ago. He got really into photography and I encouraged him to post some of his stuff. It kind of blew up because there are a lot of people that love nature on Instagram. Then, I got involved with helping him grow and groom the account (I'm a marketing girl after-all). It's kind of just something that happened organically, which is the best because we're completely authentic and just sharing what we're already out doing.'


6. How can people join in the movement of travel/adventure? Do you ever have meet ups?

'We're starting by first building up a community through our page. We encourage people to use #adventureactually to connect with our community and us. After we build a community we'll start doing meet ups (soon). We've done some informal meetups with people, but our goal is to build the community in real life. People can also always direct message us. The great thing about our followers and community is that people are always willing to share experiences and advice. We love hearing about people's experiences as well as answering questions. The best thing for us, is when people comment on our photos and help each other. We always love seeing that!'

7. Do you have any advice for someone who is just starting to travel?

'STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Listen, we are by NO means rich and like I said, we work 9-5 and I just finished up my MBA. We're young and busy, but we make time and more importantly we do it on a budget. A lot of our friends often make excuses and we show them how easy it is and they're hooked. You're the only thing standing in the way of being able to travel more. Also early bird really does get the worm. Most of the places we go, we get there early and its is 100% worth it. When there's no crowd its easier to enjoy every piece of that spot; the sounds, the scene, the smell, everything is just better.'


Don’t forget to follow Adventure Actually on Instagram! If you love adventuring make sure to tag #adventureactually for a chance to be featured on their page.

Thank you again for joining us today and sharing more about your thrilling adventures with us!  Your story is encouraging to both newbie travelers and seasoned veterans alike. Wishing you all the best as you grow and cultivate this community of fellow adventure lovers. I can’t wait for the first meet up ~ please count me in!

All photography by Adventure Actually



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