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2017-04-19 10:20:43
How Nature Makes a Difference

I LOVE being outside and enjoying nature. Whether that's going for a hike in Costa Mesa or traveling to a new place I've never seen, there’s something special about getting out in nature that clears the mind and brings a deep sense of peacefulness.

But it's not something that I'm able to do every day. Getting outside and taking time to refresh and reset my mind and body takes intentionality.

This year, I promised myself I would make more time to enjoy nature, and I'm excited to report that I've been doing just that! I recently took a mini vacation to Bryce Canyon in Utah, and had an amazing time. Experiencing the expansiveness of the great outdoors always gives me better perspective on life. It reminds me how small I am and what really matters. It empowers me to remember that although money and material possessions are nice, they aren't everything.

In our fast paced world, I truly believe it’s more important now more than ever to understand how nature affects our brains – and how preserving natural spaces will help us to lead healthier, happier lives.

And now, science proves it! 

In 2014, researchers assigned participants to walk through either a forest or an urban center, measuring and comparing their heart rates and blood pressure as well as self-reported moods and stress levels. A similar study out of Finland was completed at around the same time.

The result? In both studies, participants who had walked in forests appeared to have significantly lower heart rates, less anxiety, and/or improved mood compared to the city-walking group.

Even just a clear view of the outdoors can soothe the mind. I can attest, it really does help! :)


Looking for more posts on the great outdoors? Read my recent blog post featuring Adventure Actually, a movement that encourages everyone to make travel escapades an every day lifestyle!

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